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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Am... Intuitive.

We sent off 2013 and ushered in 2014 with our inaugural broadcast TV series project, which has been keeping us VERY busy.

Commissioned by MediaCorp okto channel and with the support of the National Arts Council, the series, entitled 'I Am', profiles some of our distinguished Cultural Medallion recipients, ranging from artists who were recognized in the 1980's right up to those who were conferred the award in the last few years.

Covering artists from across genres and disciplines, we have had the privilege to enter their lives and minds, as they share with us their personal journeys, inspirations, challenges and aspirations.

The challenge for us is to capture the various art forms in an interesting light, while bringing across the artists' stories authentically.

'I Am' airs every Tuesday at 10:00PM on MediaCorp okto channel, during the a-ok 'arts on okto' time belt.

Coming up on 11 Feb, you'll get to meet Madam Som Said, respected doyen of local Malay dance and performance.

You can also catch the series on the XinMSN 'Catch-Up TV' portal.

[Updated 06 May 2014]

You can now catch all 10 episodes here:
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